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Whatever You

Whatever You
Why live when you KNOW you won’t ever get whatever you want ?

sick and tired of waiting for things to get better..

Everything’s going wrong..it’s like I have got no reason to live..

NOTHING at all is turning out how I want it to be..Every single thing is against me..I feel lonely..

I have lost ALL faith in God..He doesn’t love me ..now I know…What did I do to deserve all this ? 🙁

I don’t even know why I am typing this…

me- 25/Single/Jobless/Without ANY hope for the future/ Wanted to do so much for my parents and siblings but I feel useless..helpless

I think you need some help (someone to talk to about this). There are a lot of people feeling lonely and dejected with the economy the way it is. Suck it Up! and put some GOOD THOUGHTS into your head instead of depressing ones…

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