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Weightloss Diet

Weightloss Diet
What is the expected weight loss lemonade / master cleanse diet?

I am on day 4 of the lemonade / master cleanse diet. I was wondering if anyone has done this diet and the amount of weight they lost. For some reason I have not lost anything and I'm almost halfway done. (10 days clean) I am a kind of question. Thanks for your comments.

I tried. Many people in my work were there and they told me I lost so much weight. It was horrible. I tried it because I think 10 to 14 days (which was some time ago, i cannot remember exactly). I lost 5 or 6 pounds in it, but it was worth it to me, especially as you have to do! I think maybe the other people I knew that he lost much more weight than I do, because they all had a lot more to lose than me. Everyone was very fat. I'm not, I have much to lose weight, its more of a personal preference than a necessity. So I've heard that this works, but I like him.

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