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How does the system work weight watchers? – How many points does a day?

I decided to join Weight Watchers, but wondered if he could give a first attempt I found myself as a list of points on the Internet. How many points does a day? How does the exercise in the plan – not get points for that or something? Thanks:)

I have been going to wet weight for 15 weeks and lost 27 pounds, but I do attend each meeting, make you lose weight 3x times more then just trying, but well worth a try. this is how caculate 1) Enter the first two digits its weight in pounds, for example, if you weigh 175 then type 17. 2) Man Man 2 points 8 points can belive the difference. 3) How old are you 27-37 17-26 3 points 2 points 4points 38-47 48-58 point lead over 58 0 points 4) How tall are less than 5 "1 0 points 5" 1-5 "10 1 Point 5 "10 2 points 5) How will spend most of the day sitting clerk Ex 0 points when sitting, but mostly ungrafted mom or seller of two poin Hiking time most of the former company Posta four points by physically hard work formerly worked for the construction of 6 points for exclusively breastfeeding mothers Breastfeeding 10 points Supplementing breastfeeding with solid foods or formula 5 points so this is mine I weigh 230 for Women February 1924 23 4 5 "2 1 Occasinally meeting, but mostly standing up 2 points no 0 points lactating My points are 32

Week 38: One year on Weight Watchers; Before and After

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