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what should be the medical specalisation if I want to ask you a question about weight control?

im Indian, and "dieters" are rare to find around here

Any general practitioner or internist must be able to give good advice in a regiment of weight loss, diet advice includind and an exercise program suitible your specific condition. And as to answer the other person mentioned, almost anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, but, through your GP, you should be able to find one locally, who can advise on food and cooking techniques that fit to YOUR lifestyle and location. He did not do much good to recommend certain foods if they are not available in your region of the world. The good thing about living in India is its long tradition of cooking with wonderful dishes of vegetables in savory sauces. I am not a vegetarian, but I like my vegetables! And Indian cuisine offers some of the food tastiest I've ever known.

Weight-Management 101 – Part 1

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