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Weigh Loss

Targeting Your Weight Loss Plan for your body type is faster and healthier way to lose weight

Americans are bringing about an excess of 7.22 pounds of toxic matter in their bodies. This can overload and can cause some very serious health problems and ailments such as headaches and storage of excess fat.

Americans now eat less fresh vegetables and fruit, compared with 50 years ago. The reduction of fiber essential (vegetables and fruits), the body is unable to cleanse itself effectively.

The increase of hormones and pesticides used in agriculture means These toxins are trapped inside your body, and ultimately absorbed by it. These toxins have been shown to effectively block the burning of fat and more difficult to lose weight effectively.

You know two things for sure if you are an American and overweight:

1. If you are overweight, your body is full of toxins. These toxins can actually be blocking the burning of fat. According to research conducted at Johns Hopkins, the liver regulates the six hormones fat burning. The liver is also responsible for filtering toxins from the body. Over time, a healthy body becomes unhealthy through the accumulation of excess toxins.

2. If you're overweight, your body lacks nutrition. Do not believe this one? Simply supply the nutrients your body needs and your cravings disappear! A healthy body has no such "uncontrollable cravings, preventing even the diet program work more effectively due to a loss of willpower.

The Berg diet program, developed by Dr. Eric Berg seems to be right on the edge of this discovery, having a solution to combat the colon in a easy to follow the program. Dr. Eric Berg is the founder of the Institute of Berg, health and welfare and well known for his creation of the four body types. Basically take an online test and find out what program goes with your body, you follow the program, improve their overall health and lose weight. The programs start with a clean formulated for your body type, and then take a measure of fat burning supplement. Everything is based on whole foods, organic nutrition.

Given that the word "craving" was invented, which has plagued everyone who ever wanted to lose a single pound! We all know the meaning of the word apparently insignificant – but now it seems there is finally a logic behind what created this little problem in the first place. The trick is finding the proper nutrition your body needs and ensure that what you put in your mouth is actually absorbed into your body. According to a Harvard study conducted by Dr. Peter Garamound, the best nutrition you can find (that your body can absorb and full), comes from food. I'm sure there are a lot of nutritional supplements based on whole foods – but a medical doctor who trains human nutritional weight loss through the body writing programs, Dr. Eric Berg, seems to have a good – plus the fact that is customized for your body type – how can you go wrong?!

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You can take an online quiz to find out your body type and get more information at http://www.findyourbodytype.com. Take the body type quiz.

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