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Water Drink

Water Drink
How important is drinking water when it comes to losing weight?

Usually can make 4-6 cups of water per day, but after a while gag. I like the mix-ins like crystal light, but I feel I could diet soda and drink more water in the mix because they are both full of sweeteners and colors I love food and diet soda the best. Am I wrong? I also read that the amount of water can also overwork the kidneys? Any input is appreciated.

water is very important that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day …. it controls body temperature, and worn around the body of ur dissolved materials (Blood), and all metabolic reactions take place and do your 70% of their body weight and doesn't make you obese do not worry, you should make drinking water is one of the nutrients that you should take ….. drinking water and fresh juices stop the soda and soft drinks …. and if you still hate the taste of water add a little lemon squeeze or praying and sold in any grocery store with lemon water and orange and strawberry and peach flavors that are soo tastey … I hope that helped you: D: D

Jack Johnson – Drink The Water

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