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Water Detox

Water Detox

Water, the ultimate tool detox-Discover 3 powerful water detox methods

"Lie In arms envelope Angel of water so that she threw you all the answers Is it dirty and wrong. "- The Dead Sea Scrolls of the third century BC-640 AD al.

It is part parcel of our daily lives and we could not survive without him. Among its many benefits for our health and our planet, water is the ultimate tool natural detoxification.

The recent detoxification fever has reached phenomenal proportions, with manufacturers frantically marketing products that promise instant cleansing and purification, in an attempt to fulfill-and obviously profit from-such an overwhelming market demand.

However to know their detox success stories, stars like Beyonce, among others, have contributed in making detox hip "and" fashionable ". This and other factors have made detox the health buzzword of the 21st century. It is now considered a necessary factor in the quest for optimal health, loss weight and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, such proliferation, variety and availability of detox aids makes identifying the ideal program detox Personal a daunting task.

Many cases and articles of "detoxification gone wrong" will be published on the website, reminding unseasoned gullible and the dangers of extreme detox, which clearly could be health hazardous.

The search for the ideal tool detoxification or the program is on, with a wide amazing products to choose from: Detox supplements, aids colon cleaning, baths detox foot patches and detox … The list is endless!

In our frantic search for the ultimate detox, we have overlooked the ideal and most obvious aid detoxification. A free resource, we are natural physical contact with every day of our life: water.

Nothing supports body cleansing and elimination capacity like water, detox the oldest and most powerful natural aid ever known to mankind. Whether for drinking, sweating or bathe in it, water has been used to expel toxins and restore health since the dawn of humanity.

Drink Plenty of Water

All are familiar with the dangers of-even minor-dehydration by now.

If the body is not sufficiently hydrated, the cells draw water the bloodstream, therefore pressure and burden on the heart. Even mild dehydration prevents the kidneys from effectively purifying the blood.

When this happens, some workload of the kidneys is passed to the liver and other organs, and may make will be severely stressed. Minor conditions health effects such as constipation, dry and itchy skin, acne, nosebleeds, urinary tract infections, coughing, sneezing, sinus problems and headaches may appear as a result.

It is no secret that drinking 2 liters of water a day can dramatically improve your health, and the signs are obvious: bright complexion and clear skin, better immunity, better digestion, less aches and pains, weight loss, less cellulite, better concentration and renewed vitality and energy.

Most detox regimes recommend flooding the body with purified or filtered water instead of bottled class. Infusion body with water immediately stimulate the kidneys, liver and digestive system (primary detox organs) functions. It will boost your metabolism, which this accelerates the elimination of toxins and fat.

Water fasts are highly praised for their cleanliness, and are usually made by proponents of acute detoxification. Without But fasting is not to be taken lightly, quickly and any longer than 48 hours must be under medical supervision.

Steam and sweat

There is a valid reason why humans have used steam baths for hygiene and health since the late Stone Age. It's because sweating has proven its effectiveness in flushing out toxins and disease and maintain optimal health.

The skin is the largest organ in the body through the pores, which plays an important role in the detoxification process alongside the lungs, kidneys, intestines, liver and lymphatic system and immune systems. The skin produces cool sweat to regulate body temperature elevated. It also has the ability to transform toxins or oil soluble, more easily to eliminate, water-soluble form. Sweat carries toxins from the body and color through the pores.

Most cultures around the world have their own versions of the steam room, whether the ancient Romans and their "Hot Springs" or the traditional Japanese "Onsen." The Russian "Banya", or "native Indians Inipi America ", not forgetting the notorious Turkish bath or" Hamam ". However, the Finnish sauna, remains the most prominent and popular of all.

Regardless of what is called, the steam room health benefits are endless, with the primary is one of their waste and toxins elimination action through the pores. Other benefits of sweat baths include improved circulation, weight and fat loss, skin cleansing and body and relax mind.

Detox Bath

A powerful method of detoxification is the same water bath detoxification.

On the basis of ancestral detox technique created by Louis Kuhne of Leipzig in 1883, (who used it to treat his own cancer and heal thousands of diseases are often severe) detox bath using only water and can take as little as 10 minutes a day.

The operating principle is detox bath refresh in the central area of the body (around the groin and genitalia) for 10 minutes a day or more, depending on its initial state, and the results they want to achieve. This process creates a vibration in the fascia (tissue that covers all internal interconnection organs), which sets in motion a backspin that carries fats remaining from the digestion and deposited toxins back to the intestines, where they are removed later.

Why Is the detox bath so powerful?

In addition to its action of the toxin and fat removal, the power of Detox Bath is the fact that:

1 – It is based on the groin area, one of the largest areas of concentration of nerves in the body, hence its positive effect on mood, sleep and energy.

2 – The houses of the main arteries in the groin, so the bath greatly improves blood circulation and digestion.

3 – It stimulates the root chakra, which governs sexual energy and reproductive organs. Helps regulate menstrual cycle, and has been used by Louis Kuhne to treat impotence. It is also beneficial for low libido and menopausal symptoms.

Practiced regularly, the Detox Bath, (based on Louis Kuhne friction sitz bath) supports the body's ability to disposal, effectively releasing toxins and fats. It increases metabolism and digestion, improve sleep, energy and humor, and promotes clear skin and radiant complexion.


Detox is not, and never will be-an instant fix, magic. Detox is a continuous process, which provides great health benefits, which can be enjoyed from now, by simply using water …

A regular practice of a combination of 3-almost free and completely safe water detox methods above is the only detox regime you'll ever need to effectively eliminate toxins and fat, and enjoy a life of radiant health.

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