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the decade of do's and don'ts of having a hiatal hernia?

I just received a diagnosis of hiatal hernia average after having a heart burning intense for 2 weeks I had an endoscopy and I just found this. I know I do not eat or drink: coffee drinks spicy chocolate mints and I know that each person is different so different things affect different people. Just looking for some insight into the general food i should eat smaller portions I know, but what about the salads and vegetables? I heard some are bad for you. I know I should eat more bananas and apples bread rice but u just joined to Weight Watchers. bread and rice are like the worst things to eat! any advice on how to live with this would be appreciated. Thanks

If you smoke, stop do so. That aggravates the heartburn, too. Alcohol also increases. Small meals, sitting for at least an hour after eating. Do not eat at least one hour before bedtime. Honestly, the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples, toast) is obsolete, so he does not believe that "have to" eat those. No matter lot. Salads and vegetables are fine.

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