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Watchers Chocolate
Coca-Cola chocolate cake without egg?

Weight Watchers egg without Coca-Cola Cake? I am a vegan. I want to make a chocolate cake without eggs. And I could coke.But using diet, changing the flavor of chocolate cake a lot? Your cake box says Betty Crockers add water, eggs and oil! So what I should add when I add the coke and why not add? Also please tell me a lot and Diet Coke if you change the flavor of the cake! THANKS IN ADVANCE how! better answer 10 points!

Diet pop cake .. diet best friend! and is so delicious, here's what you do Take a cake mix (any flavor) Take a diet can pop (a flavor that matches the taste of cake or complement) to the type splenda in it usually tastes better because it does not break down in heat Mix the two ingredients and cook according to package directions. You can make them into cupcakes or a cake. Cover with a little fat free Cool Whip and you have an AWESOME dessert! 🙂 The variations you can try: (My favorite) Devil's Food cake w / Diet Dr. Pepper Devils Food cake w / Diet Coke Vanilla Chocolate cake w / Diet coke Chocolate cake w / Coca-Cola Light cherry chocolate cake w / diet root beer, chocolate cake w / Diet orange chocolate, yellow or white cake w / raspberry Diet (Diet Rite)

Miss Weight Watchers – Chocolate Marble Loaf Cake Recipe

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