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Waist Anti
if anti depresants were questionable to begin with?

and all these years.our state government give all unhappy in homes through the nut U.S. pills every day to countless dollars pop.should to present a series of class action for fraud? just think of the seen government waist.ive people take a handful of pills in a time.googly Moogly that's much money are we talking about.enough to get us out of recession and more

Theres a pill to everything today, Anti-depresents are marketed to people who really believe that the pills will make them happier. Pharmaceutical companies in the United States United have more money than you can imagine, there the real drug dealers. The work hand in hand with insurance companies, which are like middle-men. I it is a buch of shit that never would, but some people are always looking for a quick fix, and not trying to see what is the root of truth bothers you.

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