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It's Christmas, a good time to reach agreement on a laptop? U What do you recommend?

I was thinking about how to keep my money from now until just before Christmas and buy a computer (laptop) .. Do you think that's a good idea? Do you think I could make a good business? I do a lot of money, so I have to get the most out of my money. I was thinking of a request to Dell.com … Any Reccommendations? Any Feedback Appreciated 10 Points Best Answer Val Love

As a matter of fact, Christmas is the most favorable time to try to get a laptop … basically because all the shops are going to go up in price …. but the best time to try to get a laptop is (may seem extreme but trust me its worth in the final) is waiting for the early morning after Thanksgiving (you know … extreme sales and such) that now is the perfect time to try buy a laptop … everything is for sale and you can get the laptop you want at the price you want to pay for it!

Save Solitary. Save Val.

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