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Tropical Breeze

Tropical Breeze
Help me to time people – high and low latitudes – 10 points to the more intelligent who can help me?

(I) Why the pressure low centers around 60 ° N lie on the ocean in winter, but not on the earth? (Ii) Why the pressure of the centers of sub-tropical high are on the ocean in summer, but not on the earth? (Iii) Why does the length of time from sunrise to sunset vary with latitude and season the year? (Iv) carefully explain what processes are acting to start a sea breeze.

1 #) has to do with the temprature of the water, usually warmer winter water temprature minimum possible to maintain integrity. # 2) Same as # 1, but cooler in the summer temprature # 3) has to do with the tilt of the Earth to the Sun in relation to the time of year, witn short days, long days of summer. Extrapolate that to your latitude, the farther the sun, the less daylight. # 4) has to do with air density. The cold air over water is forced to buy beige hot air out land in a move Cirules. The difference in temprature air is usually only about 2 degrees, but its enough to cause the phenomenon.

Tropical Breeze /Denny Falzon

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