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Trim Spa
spa court? Does it really work?

I bought diet pills trim spa, im not over weight or anything, just want to lose 10 pounds, anyone been tested before? if it worked?

I would recommend the diet of Hollywood for you. During two days of drinking only water and juice making. They say you can lose ten pounds during that time, if you continue to eat well will be out. I tried it and had no difficulty in doing so and the loss of about 8 pounds and stays off. Do not feel bad. Also, after I really do feel better than before starting. It is supposed to remove toxins from your system. I really think it works. I have more energy, I'm so depressed and I'm not as tired as I was before. Sorry, I know nothing about Trim Spa. But this is only a suggestion because it does not have much to lose.

“Come And Get It, Trim Spa!” 5 of 5

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