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Infallible human shields flown by Reality

Today's modern liberals with their progressive, socialist theories have a long history of underpinning what arbitrarily determine to be infallible human shields to block criticism of their ideas which, when examined, are not deeply rooted in the sound or anything but sentimental do-gooderism. It is the most inefficient way to support your point, but goes along with the basis of liberal philosophy which boils down to, "that's the way it is because I say so." Reality authority or correctness of what "I" to bring out to the public to defend their ideas however, does not matter.

John Kerry to Cindy Sheehan to the poor Frost family, the parade of human shields sacrificed on the altar of liberalism continues. Because the left knows that when they and their ideas are can always be challenged to gain a few points of sympathy not want to be considered "means" spirit. And we all know that the application will be launched anyone who even dares to question the infallibility of whatever place before facing the United States.

Despite being a cowardly tactic, is intellectually dishonest, and it does not really address the substance of any issue. But as I said before, it is always good for a few political points when using this tactics. The plan is simple.

Step 1: Determine what areas of our lives requires their benevolent guidance.

Step 2: Propose a new program or policy to implement your desire, regardless of its constitutionality, legality or correctness.

Step 3: Game far to find a poster child for this program or policy with a kind of "credentials" that is supposed to make him or her "infallible." Usually circles around some kind of personal tragedy, suffering or experience.

Step 4: Trot this person before the nation to present its case and shield themselves.

Step 5: Prepare to call anyone who dares to criticize their program or policy and, by default, your newly discovered human shield "means" spirit, "cruel" or "a vicious right wing hate Monger" when the inevitable review of their mile wide but inch deep ideas.

Step 6: If your human shield gets blown up first, then wash, rinse, repeat.

This strategy has been happening for years.

During the War Vietnam, John Kerry pulled left and a group of "fake soldiers" (There, I said so will I now get a nasty letter from Harry Reid too) to talk about "phony war crimes and the atrocities in order to withdraw troops from South Vietnam as quickly as possible. What Why? Simple. It was all because he disliked the United States standing on the expansion of the communist state of North Vietnam. The expansion, I might add, that was performed at the end of a weapon and resulted in millions flee when the Communists finally made their way in.

When you dare, even to this day, noted many of these "soldiers" lied about even being in Vietnam, much less the military, or exactly what they did in Vietnam, whereas actually served, it is you who is being attacked. When John Kerry's fellow soldiers who were with him got up and told different accounts of their actions they were the ones criticized to the left because these other soldiers were shedding light in exactly the shallowness of their claims of Kerry as a war hero "(for anyone who not the North Vietnamese) in reality.

When Max Cleland was trotted out to try to promote a collapse of the Kerry campaign in 2004 if he dared to discuss their political ideas that were destroyed by leftist smear merchants for daring to look beyond the fact that it is a triple amputee and Vietnam veteran. Did not know that Mr. Kerry and Mr. Cleland were "infallible", since he served in Vietnam? How dare you look beyond that.

But then for the same reason, why were not the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that offers the same "infallibility" of the left? Oh … yes … Thus, soldiers are not compatible with his philosophy. Hey also were really telling the truth. Off with their heads!

Amazing how a soldier is granted carte blanche "infallibility" while others do not huh?

When the Liberals intend to support the troops, but not to vote for candidates most favored by most of the troops (usually Republican candidates) is because they are convinced that the few soldiers scrounging for not supporting the war in Iraq speak for the tens of thousands of soldiers who continually sign to service and re-up when their contracts expire. The truth does not matter. Only the "infallibility" of elect. No, do not look at the "facts." Look only to the few soldiers who tell you they are not, surprisingly, supportive of their ideology.

Even where human shields are blown up by reality, are quickly looking for some fresh meat to anywhere between the light of reason and their philosophies like cowards they are. After all, liberals do not like taking the fire directly.

When Cindy Sheehan comes out and uses the memory of his son to keep his liberal anti-freedom, pro-Middle East women have to suffer under brutal tyrants program that is "infallible" as well. No matter where you look beyond the fact that their views are only driven by their own grief and ideology you quickly discover that his son served in the military because he knew what was happening and believed in the cause. No, never mind. Do not kid yourself. You're just "means" to remember. Do not you know it's all about Cindy? Did not know that everything is liberal ideology?

And now we have poor Graeme Frost. Aw. This is the last human shield on the left.

It is brought up for show the suffering of "children" because the government is not "doing enough" in charge of them and expanding the SCHIP program. And when someone like Michelle Malkin or Rush Limbaugh dares to point out how this family has several options that include owning several pretty expensive cars and find the money to send their children to private schools and questions whether it would be the best choice for the face of the latest plans for the left socialist "you are just mean "Insults begin in earnest. They have to. Because when you ask a question as simple as, for example, oh I do not know," If a family that can afford such luxuries is the poster child for the suffering of children? "Or more importantly," Where in the Constitution is Congress authorized to tax American citizens to provide health insurance to anyone? "Superficial desires have no justification and their house of cards collapses.

As I was joking the other week, it's like Captain Barbosa is in command of the USS Liberal shouting to the masses, "the Constitution is a simple guideline "Anyway! ARRRRRRR!." If … forget that "Supreme Law of the Land" nonsense. It just gets in the way of a good story. Watch this person in place. Feel sorry for them. Then give the left the power to solve the problem.

When you bring up the facts, something has to give and usually with the Liberals certainly are not the facts. This is what happens when the left infallible human shields meet square with reality. And almost always happens. Perish thinking!

That's when its official list of names out. Since the plane silly as "fascist" (though how can you call someone who believes in limited government is so beyond reason) to the completely absurd as "dealer of hate" who have names for every occasion to help protect their shields they want all of us believe, simply can not do it in the cruel world, cruel government enforced without our help.

Of course, what I know about the problems right? After all I'm just a freedom-loving American who was in a car accident and beaten by a driver behind negligent for seven years and taking into account a serious back injury which, while more today, I still do have serious limitations sometimes ran out medical coverage after only a couple of months of treatment and was given a whole whopping $ 1,000 in compensation for a probable life of suffering but somehow gets up every damn morning to go to work while my wife also gets up and does the same. And then at night, in order to provide a better life for my wife and daughter I work on growing my own business for hours. Yes, I do not know about pain, suffering, sacrifice and hard work right?

But somehow I do not think the Liberals trotting me as an example in the short term. We certainly do not fit your mold of a "victim" who must be helped with forced charity. Nope. I'm cruel, the end of evil, vicious right do not understand. The truth be damned.

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J.J. Jackson is the owner of American Conservative Daily Blog. He is also the lead designer for The Right Things – Conservative Political T-shirts. His weekly articles and exclusive content can be found at Liberty Reborn.

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