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Thermogenic Diet

Thermogenic Diet
help with diet pills?

I've gained 25 pounds in a year and a half. Recently I started working five days a week, and started a diet (Which consists mainly of fruits, vegetables and some protein). I hurt my hamstring Achilli a couple of weeks and the doctor said I can not work for 6 weeks! I do not want to stop the weight loss, because summer is coming, so I want to take a diet pill only until you start exercising cardio again. I took Xenadrine (ephedrine), when I was in high school (about 5 years ago), and it worked wonders, but do not sell this formula more because ephedrine is bad for you. Can anyone recommend a thermogenic diet pills but it sure will help me lose weight fast along with a reduced calorie diet and exercise (when I can)! Please do not tell me not to take … I'm going to take, no matter what they say. I'm just asking your opinion about which ones work best, custom, and kill me. thanks in advance

I noticed your reply to my question, so I'll return the favor. This works Xenadrine I've been taking with wonder …. diet and exercise, of course, I lost 71 pounds in eight months. Its really good to suppress your appetite and works for 8 hours. I've never had side effects. But even recommened. Here is the link below. By the way, I told my friends about it, and they all are taking it as well and lose weight. I'll know how it works elsewhere.

thermogenic foods

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