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Tea Wulong

Tea Wulong
Has anyone tried Wulong tea and does it work?

I see ads all over the place and wondered if it actually works. Drink tea every day and if then this will help me to go shopping.

I heard that its a great tea to help lose weight, nothing wrong in trying Wulong tea (Also known as Oolong tea) is a traditional Chinese tea is the most common tea served in Chinese restraunts. It's in the middle between green tea and tea black in terms of oxidation. The taste of Wulong tea also falls between green tea and black tea – not green as green tea is. tea Wulong, if well prepared, should be strong and bitter, leaving a sweet aftertaste. The best is Wulong tea is judged by aroma and flavor. Wulong How do you become? Several stories around Wulong tea. One story says that a man discovered in an accident Wulong tea after a long day of collection of tea when he was struck by a deer. After to recover his senses, he found that he was picking tea had become rusty and Wulong tea. A second story tells how a plantation owner Tea was scared while drying tea leaves by a black snake. The owner returned days later to find the Wulong tea leaves oxidized by the sun. The preparation of the leaves up – thus discovering the Wulong tea. Wulong tea leaves are distinguished in that when it dried take a thread-like black look, which also may be why people say Wulong tea black dragon seems small when you pour hot water over the leaves. The processing and refining produces Wulong tea in six steps (eight if you count the sorting and packaging the final product). The first step once the Wulong tea has been harvested in the sun / air dry tea leaves remove moisture – a process called withering. Then, the edges of the tea leaves for the oppressed of the leaf tea can be oxidized. After bruising, sheets that are placed helps to avoid any further oxidation. Wulong tea leaves are dried and stirred in a pan, after which it cools and is further dried. In this point, Wulong tea may be graded and consumed, or packaged for sale.

Okuma’s Wu Long Tea

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