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Artists and depression

Health concerns are an important issue for all of us, whether physical, weight management or specific problems health. I am an artist. Since my mid teens I also suffered from depression. I still did not come to terms with this until my mid 30s. Initially in consultation with my GP started a six-month course of antidepressant medication.

What I found with these drugs is that as artist was not the direction I needed. Yes, I closed the emotional responses to certain situations, but this was more of a dilemma for help. To me as an artist if you feel you can not express.

So at the end of the day I decided to quit the medication and live with my condition of acceptance that would top and down my day. This can be difficult when it comes to family or partner. It can sometimes be difficult to contribute to the understanding of these issues with their loved ones. Yes fatigued much of the time and others can not go out and experience life. Many aspects of life become difficult.

When I met my current partner introduced me Herbalife products. As a trained Kinesiologist was also able to fast track some basic issues that had impacted on my condition.

I've been this kind of person who likes to stick almost my head in the sand when it comes to some health problems. They also have some skepticism, which means that I need into account all aspects of anything before I commit.

First I became aware that even in my mid-30 which was the peri-menopause. In fact, probably for many years. Something else that can impact emotional and physical level.

Now I began a course of treatments based on herbs, which unlike traditional medicines to deal with a holistic approach. I believe firmly in mind and body smoother, but really effective in helping me with my terms.

I now take the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix, which balances my daily nutrition, Formula 2, which is a complex vitamin B, vitamin C, Tang Kuei Formula 3 and the key ingredient that stabilize the hormonal changes.

The key ingredient of Tang Kuei, who was taken by men and women for centuries in China, Angelica and Chamomile is polymorphic. These ingredients are used after intense physical exertion, relieving muscle tension and relaxation.

This has been a great break for me through the depression and the pre menopausal. Tang Kuei is extremely important for a number of health problems not only depression. From chronic fatigue syndrome, menopause, arthritis, asthma, diseases of the skin, weight loss and there are many more products to help. These products are much less invasive then many treatments prescribed and balance their physical and mental system.

As some you, as I do not necessarily want to talk about my conditions, but these nutrition products make a big difference in my quality of life.

Please send me email with questions or comments about DM or email me in the form below to see if we can help you or loved ones with any of the concerns their health.

If you can think of someone who thinks he can qualify for any of the listed information, please feel free to send this article to them.


About the Author

Artist and Health Consultant representative.

Working as an artist for over 20 years. Have a love of the environment and politics, which don’t always go hand to hand.

Lateral thinker who likes a challenge.

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