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Take Off
How to take the painting in a urethane bumper?

I have to repaint my bumper, how is making urethane paint? I was thinking in a really fine grain sandpaper or paint stripper.

DO NOT use paint remover ….. It can damage the plasics that most bumpers are of …. Why does he want to strip paint? If its cracked then only be sanded to remove the shine just … No need to remove the paint to plastic … If doing this by hand wet sand it first with sandpaper grain 600 ….. Use a water bottle to keep the surface moist while the sand …. Once the brightness and even a little of the transparent layer is removed then take the role of 1000 grit wet and the surface to a smooth plane. This work will eliminate 100 grit sanding badges 600 grain may have left behind ……… He has a spray paint shop sealer primer with a bending agant as a base before any system of painting will use ……

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