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Fat Away

December 5th, 2009 No comments

Fat Away
What is the best diet ( and exercise plan) to blast fat away really quick?

I really need a flat tummy and NON touching thighs. I only have about like 5-7 inches off my waist ( It’s a pouch of fat in the normakl lower area) and maybe 4-5 inches off my thighs I need anything!! I’m extermly desperate.

I highly recommend the Zone diet. Buy a short book named “A Week in the Zone.” It’s short enough to read in about 1 hour and it makes sense. The Zone is all about balancing out your hormones and blood sugars to avoid hunger pangs and overeating.

I have lots of exercise tips on my blog (see address below).
My book, “A Few Bites a Day”, describes how I lost weight and my exercise program. An eBook is available for FREE download on my blog or you can buy a paper copy on

Basic exercise advice is that moving is almost always better than not moving. You don’t have to kill yourself, just be active. Find activities that you enjoy and can do with others. Aim for 3-5 sessions per week ranging from 30 to 90 minutes.

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