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Glass Electronic

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Glass Electronic

Murano Glass Pendant Chandelier: Pliet S15 (White)

Lamps Lighting was priority glass + glass back in the day of its establishment by the company's sister Modular International Inc. Day after day working with consultants and lighting designers and learning to provide lighting solutions to new trends and demands of the industry – we are doing just the superior quality and design choices for our customers.

We are emphasizing our attention to craftsmanship and traditions the quality of Murano glass manufacturers, adopted by the ancient Romans, Venetians and not to divulge trade secrets to anyone. Intricate glassware precise shapes and forms that could not only be beautiful and desirable, but is also very useful, are still popular today.

target = "_blank"> PLIET S15 (White) is a multi pendant – new wave in the world of contemporary lighting candles. This accessory is originally from Italy, but fully rewired for use in the U.S.. The unique technique of double-layered hand-blown glass components is only available Venice furnaces on the island of Murano. You can see the smooth processing of pure white light to each side of glass. Each glass pendant has a single curve, because to handmade home, the average duration varies from 22 "to 23" (56 – 59 cm)

Base housing is rectangular (33 x 9 ˝ ˝) and is Available in polished steel. There are fifteen glass hanging on the equipment, each illuminated with 20W G4 Bi-pin halogen bulb. Electronic transformer supplied. As Alternatively we can offer you a smaller cup square base (13 3 / 8 ˝ x 13 3 / 8 ˝) with nine glass pendants available in white or multicolor option. With the whole question about the availability of equipment please call our office in New York in the 212.288.3300.

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