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Bathroom Body

November 2nd, 2008 No comments

Bathroom Body
can anyone give me any advice (about bathroom body issue thing)?

OKAY, so two weeks ago this started occuring

– Excretion increased, by about 3 more times daily.
– It is a different colour, a full green colour (some posts here state that it might be too much iron).
– It used to hurt my stomach to go use the bathroom, cramping almost (not urinary; excretion).

I would go directly to the doctors but this is Canada, and it takes forever (hours upon hours) to get medical advice, and I don’t want to go if its just going to pass over any way.
It has been going on for two weeks, if it were a STD (I’m not downsizing the idea as it could very well be; who knows) wouldn’t it leave different tell-tale signs on my privates.

Also, my diet may have changed causing it, I eat a lot more of enriched cereal (vector), a lot of health smoothies, and protein shakes, and pills (ginkgo bilboa and fish oil pills).

Could have a stomach virus, or some kind of intestinal “bug”.
Sorry to hear about your free health-care system. But that’s how free health care is.

Bathroom Body Language

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