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Slimm Drink

February 28th, 2008 No comments

Wats This guys name?

Hes The One That Sings Second In This Song “I’m Crazy feat E-40, B-Slimm, Droop-E & Keak da Sneak by The Mossie”
I don’t know which one of these guys it is U could hear the song on Imeem. But on his verse he said

” Helmet on my head like i’m ridin A hog stunna shades saggin’ showin my draws got these red & green pills call me santa claus man i’m high as the sky got me stompin out cars not yukMouth but i’m sik and loony drink a lot smoke a lot ni**as burn from doobies get crazy hella stewie but don’t run up booty Get fillet all night so wrapped up like sushi”

Its my favorite part of the song he rythmes good & has a tight voice

chamillionare can you give link to song

Shape up, the slim drink

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