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Blocker Chitosan

August 23rd, 2009 No comments

Blocker Chitosan
Should I get these weight loss pills?

not too expensive, but i want a second opinion.
im just not sure if its a good idea.
DONT tell me, OH blah blaaa dont take them, save money and eat healthy! im trying its very hard!! anyway its nothing to do with it.
I dont no if they will work, or if theyre authentic. thats the concern basically.

No you shouldn’t buy weight loss pills. Do it naturally. I know it’s hard trust me i know, i’m a 209 pound 12 year old girl. Almost everything i try doesn’t work and i always give up to soon. You should take it slow. Don’t use the pills the side effects are bad and they’re not healthy for your body. I know losing weight is hard but you should put it this way “I can get heart disease, diabetes type 2, Have a heart attack, etc. if i don’t loose weight” it really motivates you. and once you lose a couple of pounds you realize its really simple and the rest just goes like “that!” A teacher at my school was literally obese and I saw her losing wight little by little. When i came back to school after summer vacation she was skinny and looked great. She lost 80 pounds and looking forward to more. So don’t just give up you can do it just don’t give up and believe in yourself!!!! 🙂

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