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Relacore Extra

April 29th, 2008 No comments

Relacore Extra
Losing weight; ephedrine + caffeine + asprin, does this pill combination work?

My boyfriend and I have been trying to lose weight. He lost almost 100 pounds in one year by taking the mentioned pill combination and dieting and running everyday. 100 pounds IN ONE YEAR!!! We’re trying to diet again as I am quite a bit overweight and he wants to get rid of some extra flab. Has this pill combination worked for anyone else? I’ve read up on it and I do know the risks… and don’t plan on taking them forever… just until I can notice a bit of weight loss and feel motivated to continue without the aid of energy boosting pills. Are there any other pills that people reccommend? My mother said Relacore worked, has anyone else tried that?? Thanks.

Using an ECA stack is a perfectly fine way of helping along that workout program that might be slowing down losses. Many bodybuilders use it during their “cut” phase I personally haven’t used it, (on a bottle cycle of Hot-Rox currently) His 100# loss wasn’t the ECA though it was him running and dieting. The ECA just was the cherry on top of his weight loss Sunday.

Obviously if you have any sort of heart problems (or family history of heart problems) you shouldn’t be taking any form of Ephedrine. High blood pressure is also at risk with this stack.

Educate yourself, because people see “diet pill” or the ephedrine and they get spooked and repeat rhetoric that they’ve heard. Check out the links below.

Diet Pill Replaced with SP6 – The Best Weight Loss Plan

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