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Pancake Mix

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Pancake Mix

Banana Pancake Recipe – Don’t Stay at Home Without It!

Do you need a good banana pancake recipe? Jack Johnson’s contemporary song, “Banana Pancakes,” have made this yummy breakfast treat preferred again. The chorus of his song announces, “Maybe we can sleep in, I will make you banana pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend now and we could pretend it all the time.” Sounds nice, does not it? Jack’s song has made banana pancakes linked with week-end rest and relaxation.

In the fast pace of today’s world, making and enjoying a home made breakfast is a wonderful treat for the majority. Even if your work schedule is Monday-Friday, the week-end mornings regularly get filled up with other needs and activities. Just the concept of a lazy morning, with zip to do but make and luxuriate in a crop of banana pancakes with your folks sounds like heaven.

If you’re like most people, and do not have the time to make many home made dishes, you may think that making banana pancakes is advanced. The truth is that there are numerous other ways to create this intriguing dish at home, and you can choose from the glamorous gourmet recipe to a particularly easy and simple and easy one. Whatever kind you would like to make, all of them use common ingredients and recipes are fairly straightforward to find.

The essential ingredients for any banana pancake recipe are : flour, milk, sugar, eggs, butter, and naturally, bananas. Some recipes tell you to mash or puree the bananas and add them to the batter. Other recipes tell you to cut the bananas into tiny chunks and sauté them slightly in butter and sugar or honey and then either add them to the batter or add as garnish to the top of the cooked pancakes.

To cook the pancake, you can invest in fancy appliances like the “pancake cooker” that works like a waffle maker, cooking both sides of the pancake at the same time. But you do not have to go with anything so high tech. Any flat cooking surface will do. Some folk like grills, and you can get them in electrical models as well frying pan varieties for the stovetop. The truth is, any old frying pan will do, as long as you coat it well with oil, butter or marg, or cooking spray before pouring in the batter.

Once your batter is mixed up and you know how you plan to cook it, the “cooking” of the pancake is kind of easy. The process for cooking regular pancakes is to coat your pan with oil and heat. Then decant the batter in a circle the size you would like. When it bubbles on the top, take a spatula and flip over to cook on the opposite side. When making banana pancakes, you will have to cook the pancake a little longer than a plain one, particularly if you use fairly large bits of banana.

You can visit the links below and get all the sorts of banana pancake recipes. Try them all and let your folks select the one they like the best.

Many folk have fond memories of having banana pancakes made for them on special mornings by a special somebody. Occasionally that person is a mom, a grandmother, or an aunt, and occasionally it is even a father or a granddad. Men as well as ladies have a tendency to enjoy making a special banana pancake recipe on a quiet morning for the pals in their lives.

Think about creating a special memory for your folks. Select your favourite banana pancake recipe and make it for them as frequently as you can, or put it for those special occasions, like Christmas morning, birthday mornings, the first morning of a holiday, or some other special days like that. You’ll be sharing good times today and making memories for tomorrow – ones that your folks will one day reminisce about need to re-create with their own families.

Get a complete banana pancake recipe for any taste. You can choose one from extremely simple to the more exotic “Bob Evans” type. You can also learn to make all your favourite cafe dishes right in your own house. See how at Famous Banana Pancake Recipes And All Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes!

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