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Belt Big

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Belt Big

Design Portfolios, Wallets & Belts

leather goods like wallets and belts are some of the things that are most commonly used in everyday life. Whether a girl or boy, man or woman – almost all of them use bags and belts. Some time back leather wallets and belts were the best presented leather. There was a time when the fur of animals are shown in the hands of the elite.

But things changed with time. The skins of animals was prohibited in almost all countries and the leather was replaced gradually with Rexene and other soft materials that flooded the market. Although fur lost its luster, it was still of leather on the market and now anyone with a leather belt or purse, he / she considers it a prized possession.

Purses come in various designs and colors, but in the case of men, base remain the same colors – black, brown and red cherry. Whereas in the case of women, not just the color of portfolios (bags) have a wide range, but also straps. Pink, white, red, orange, blue, green, black, cream, brown, peach and so take advantage of wallets and belts. The main difference in men and women is size. bag of women are either straight and long or big as a small bag. Not classified in the bag hand and handbags. Both have different functions. handbag are usually used in parts or functions of small and handbags are generally used when traveling or for the office because they have greater capacity to carry things. Men on the other hand portfolio are smaller in size, general pocket size of the palm, with different systems to a number of cards.

There are small sections or dividers in addition to the ability of portfolios. The price range for these differences also – RS5000 Rs 50 / -, but this depends entirely on the brand label they wear. If they are manufactured locally, you can expect a base price of 50 rupees, but if that look for the brand then expect nothing then Rs.500 / -. Some famous brands include Blue & Blues, La Voga, His & Hers, Beige, Adamis and Loop and Ring. Buy These wallets, purses and belts at a store online shopping, if you want to save some money and buy a designer handbag. These stores are the best places if they wish. Log on to a popular and acclaimed online shopping site benefits such as Home Shop 18 and are linked with their purchases …

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