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February 24th, 2009 No comments


well thing is this is what i had to eat today the numbers are calories carbs fat and protein
Custom Food: toasted wheat bread Exito, 2.5 serving 153cals 28gcarbs 1fat 8gprotein
Custom Food: Milk partly skimmed ciledco, 1 cup 81cals 7carbs 6fat 7protein
Custom Food: Incauca light tubipacks, 1 serving 10cals 3carbs 0fat 0 prot

Custom Food: Mozzarella Cheese, part skim milk, 30 grams 76 1 5 7
Custom Food: Pizza Crust Dough, 100 grams 150 26 4 4
Custom Food: White Rice, long grain, 0.06 cup 12 3 0 0
Custom Food: Beef, round steak, 40 grams 53 0 2 9
Custom Food: Chickpeas (garbanzo beans), 0.5 cup 143 27 1 6
Custom Food: Tossed Salad, 0.25 cup 6 1 0 0

Is this so far balanced??? i need help i suck at eating..please i wanna be really skinny and also i dont know what i should eat for dinner i need something healthy thanks i want to increase my metabo

is it a lot of food??’ ive only eaten like 630 something calories today waht da hell 🙁

You look pretty good to me. If anything, I’d work on the fruits and vegetables, but the salad is good. Maybe swap the white rice for brown, too.

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