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Lbs Only

Location Based Services (LBS) market in the United States from 2008 to 2012 —- Aarkstore Company

Location Based Services (LBS) offer specific location to users via GPS or wireless network. LBS services such as navigation and mapping points of interest weather information, tracking force field, etc. These applications leverage the user's physical location to provide the desired information.
Be in the initial phase of development, the LBS market in the United States is undergoing a rapid transformation. The GPS system is controlled and administered by the U.S., along E911 with the law, has been the main drivers for growth of American industry LBS. In addition, wireless carriers (who were forced to install determination of the location on your network computers over legislation E911) are aggressively promoting LBS.
Navigation and security solutions family are the main applications that are driving the LBS American market. In addition, the growing number of shopping applications and the availability of GPS-enabled mobile phones are some factors that are contributing to the growth of this industry.
Technological innovation has led to improvements in technology GPS, and therefore, the accuracy and reliability of GPS systems. positioning systems are moving toward hybrid location technologies to provide greater Los levels of accuracy. assisted hybrid solutions combine GPS with other positioning technologies to provide location information for more accurate positioning. From LBS requires accurate positioning and turn by turn navigation and family safety solutions, improved GPS technology is driving the growth of LBS in the U.S..
Despite the high rate of growth, and GPS privacy concerns aging infrastructure are some issues that should resolved to keep the industry in its growth trajectory.
The TechNavio Outlook report forecasts the size of the Location Based Services (LBS) U.S. market during the period 2008-2012. In addition, we discuss key market trends, drivers and challenges of the location of services based on the market in the United States and the profiles of some of the key vendors in this industry

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