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Blocker Complex

March 12th, 2009 No comments

Blocker Complex
The quickest way to beat depression and anxiety?

I have suffered for years with depression and anxiety and tried anti-depressants, st johns wort and beta blockers.
I can sometimes manage it when im in a routine, but over the last few months, ive lost my job, house and just split up with my boyfriend and so am constantly nervy and edgy and can burst into tears at any minute. The thing is on the plus side, ive just got my dream job! You would think this would lift me out of feeling so down, but unfortunately not. Im just worried as this job is a very high pressured one and i dont want to mess up. But im finding it so hard to concentrate.
I exercise regularly, eat well and am currently taking 1000mg of st johns wort per day, 2000mg of evening primrose oil (i also suffer with bad PMS) multivitamins with iron, 600mg of magnesium and vitamin B complex. I dont know what else i can do!!


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