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Pill Tablets

October 31st, 2008 No comments

Pill Tablets
IMPORTANT! if i skip the last one or few active tablets on the pill will this make my period come faster??!!?

plz help im going on holidays on the friday of my inactive pills (the last sugar pill) and i want to get rid of my period before then did this work for you and did it do anything like stuff up your period??
thanks alot xxx

if you stop your active pills early you cause yourself the issue of unwanted pregnancy.
The best option is to take the rest of the active tablets and when you are finished with that you have two options you can either skip your period by not taking any of the sugar pills and starting a new packet starting on the active pills again or. You can start taking the sugar pills and then make the choice of when you want your period to stop so take 3 sugar pills and then start your new packet. Both of these methods will stop your period from ruining your holiday but allow you to get down and dirty without a worry. =]


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