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Hot Cocoa

February 6th, 2010 No comments

Hot Cocoa
What is in the mix of hot chocolate is so difficult to dissolve in hot water?

I've noticed that when I make instant hot chocolate, always reluctant after having to grind bits of the mixture against the side of my cup to get it all dissolved. What is in the mix that is causing this?

Because the ingredients there is no possibility that the content can sometimes be crystallized during wet periods. This causes small particles of different sizes it is not completely mix well, another possibility is that these mixtures sometimes contain small thumbnails to marshmallows become quite hard and almost impossible to dissolve. Once that is usually a result of extended storage (age of the product) and the factors of moisture or humidity during storage. It is not pleasant to experience hard bits spit hot chocolate, but not harmful. Key to store the chocolate mixture into dry containers, possibly air-tight to protect the mixture to achieve contaminated by the elements.

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