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Herbalife Total

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Herbalife Total
Herbalife and / or participants Shapeworks …………. I'm trying this new program ……..?

This is a first-2 cookies and cream powder, 1 tablespoon low-fat yogurt and one tablespoon of dry oatmeal combined with 8 oz. of water. But before making this, I have to take a "cap" of aloe with all water, and after 8 ounces (HOT) w water and 1 / 4 teaspoon of herbs (I have to drink this as hot as possible). Is this a program? I have to take advantage this for breakfast, and have a "strong" lunch. The reason I ask is because I see many people drinking this routine 2x a day, or see people add pills total control, or other protein shake. I can not get, what is the best program and mine, even a program. My coach said that a group of women gather at home every morning to take the routine that I just mentioned. I do not think I'm doing this right. HELP!

use sounds confusing to me, I and my herbalife Coach has me in a very structured routine. It seems that his coach does not know what they are doing. Maybe I should change trainers? I do not know if it is allowed to do so. If then you can go and ask my coach who is excellent and remains just above all else. Me and my sister have lost 60 pounds between us in four months with the help of hospitals. Return to your coach, if you do not get any joy then change, that's how we got our current coach and he is the better. In addition it is also a complete nutrition specialist so we have all sorts of good advice. good luck

Herbalife Total Control

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