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Herbalife Thermo

October 2nd, 2008 No comments

Herbalife Thermo
Herbalife supplements, but harmful to health if taken in time?

I'm taking the aloe, tea and shake the club does. I am also taking Cell-u-loss, Thermo-Bond, and forafiber. I've been drinking three drinks in the morning and evening. I took the 21 days already. I started this in November and I never felt I have this pain on the left side behind the rib cage. I know we have the liver and gallblatter there if I'm not mistaken. I've never felt that before. My pain is a kind of strong and when I sloush below my ribs seem to rub on something in that area. I am concerned only because I have never experienced this feeling before and all I'm Herbalife is taking supplements, without other pills or drinks. Please help.

If you have a hunch maybe diet to blame for your pain, eliminate them. There be borne in mind that all these herbal products are not regulated by the FDA, and may affect different people in different ways. About 7 years ago, I was in Herbalife, and had serious side effects. My instinct was to stop taking the supplement was the cause of my problem. My Herbalife sales representative strongly urged me not, and try to convince me to continue my workout. I'm glad I did not listen. Ask your doctor about what pain can be, and caused by what. If your doctor says that has nothing to do with Herbalife, and then continue, but stop in the meantime. (Be sure to keep all Herbalife products with you, so your doc can take a look at the contents).

Thermo Bond | Herbalife

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