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Herbalife Tea

January 20th, 2008 No comments

Herbalife Tea
Hello, I lost 4 kilos in a week. Why?

Yes im on a diet. I eat bfast bfast.My consists of Special K cereal and Koko Krunch. I steamed fish with vegetables for lunch 4 hours after bfast and the same thing for dinner 4 hours after lunch. At night, the evil ones and lead campaigns to run silent. + 20 sit ups and push-ups. Among many like and many fruits and Drink ice chilled water, green tea and tea Herbalife. How did we lose 4 kg so fast? Need an honest answer. I want to lose weight properly. Based on those responses. I obese a year ago. I worked really hard and I've lost 30 kgs. This hols, I started a diet again. And yes, I lost 4 kilos after the 1st week.

youre calorie intake is lower than that of those who are consuming. sounds like a good workout for me.

Como hacer Pancake Y Herbalife Tea

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