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Herbalife Protein

February 10th, 2008 No comments

Herbalife Protein
Herbalife Products: Are they good health and have side effects?

Well, I am currently using many of the Herbalife products as Activated Fiber, Formula 1, Cell Activator, Protein Powder, Multi-Vitamin, F4-O etc.are are good and have side effects, My main goal is weight loss.I am 14 years old and I also take pills without sugar (are they good for my health). For all these elements the doctor suggested I just wanted to clarify SCOPEI If any of these side effects.

Mostly Herbalife products are not harmful to body.Any be careful with the herbal ingredients ingredients.If 100% worry.Last months I'm not going through a website and selling only organic products. Especially I purchased an item from that site to work out weight.Amazingly and reduce 10 pounds in a month.Ther are no side effects so I product.Anyway bottle of second order in the last week.I think they have some good products based organic plant on that site, the weight loss product name free of fats called SBM If you need or can use the following link

Herbalife Protein Shake – Shake It Up Protein Drink Mix

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