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Herbalife Lot

July 8th, 2008 No comments

Herbalife Lot

The "marketing" Failure In Network Marketing Herbalife

Most Herbalife Distributors make a crucial mistake in choosing and building your business. They focus too much attention on all the bad things. Let me explain. Often, when potential retailers are looking for a MLM opportunity all I can think is in the first category, revolutionary products offered by Herbalife, or maybe it's the compensation plan of its kind that ultimately help them achieve financial freedom. Now do not get me wrong, these things are important and should factor in his decision, but should not be the first on your list.

You see, the most important thing a distributor may consider when choosing and building a successful business is the marketing aspect. The products and compensation plan need to have a backup their marketing efforts. Because marketing is really the only way you'll really be able to expand your home business Herbalife. Too often, dealers are jumping from one company to pursue the latest and greatest products only to fail with each new attempt. No wonder why they do not succeed.

It's like McDonald's, you know the fast food restaurant located in every corner of America and even around the world. How many people out there can make a hamburger taste better than they could? I can think of some people, including myself. Why then, McDonald's is a multi-million dollar company? Do you see my point? A lot of people can come up with a great product, may actually be the best. But it comes down to how to market your product. You may be the most effective and innovative product in the world, but if you're not using effective marketing will not know and nobody care. An effective marketing sales is, far the most important factor for any business, and must have the highest priority for anyone who wants to be a network marketer successfully.

Many Herbalife distributors do not realize that marketing and sales is the only activity in your business that will bring cash. Everything else that consumes cash. The Herbalife products, the compensation plan, teams of business, upline sponsors, all are important, but do not generate any income. They are not income-producing aspects of your business. To lead sales, and not even have a business!

Herbalife products can have the best and most impressive compensation plan available, but dealers are not moving any product or close any perspective, there is little to compensate. Think about it for a minute. People make much more money with an average product and incredible marketing system what would an incredible product and a system of marketing facilities.

Ask Robert Kiyosaki and Seth Godin. Both are very successful businessmen, Robert is a bestselling author and Seth is also a bestselling author and was the former vice president of marketing for Yahoo! Both agree that marketing is the most important aspect of any business. Seth said the following,
"Marketing is all there. You can not win with better shipping or manufacturing accounts payable. You win with better marketing. "

Now I'm not saying that Herbalife distributors should not worry about the quality of your products or compensation plans for their chance. As I said before, these things are important, after all, people should want their products to meet the expectations of its customers to become repeat customers. But the needs marketing to have the highest priority first.

I believe that Herbalife really drops the ball when training their distributors. It is not enough stress proper marketing and providing support in this area is outdated and inefficient. Brochures and web sites that dealers have often do more harm than good, because they do not make good use direct response techniques. pretty colors, graphics and logos do not sell, and Herbalife do not realize this.

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