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Herbal Aloe

September 19th, 2008 No comments

Herbal Aloe

The features and benefits of aloe vera

If you ever ventured into skin care or herbs, could not have lost the name of Aloe Vera. Officially known as Aloe Barbadensis, the plant has been in the business of beauty and health for several thousand years, famous for its therapeutic effects, at least from the old Egypt. A native of northern Africa, the Aloe has gained wide recognition as a softer, restorative, revitalizing, and today it is commonly cultivated throughout the world. There is a growing demand for aloe products and a growing army of customers for them.

Qualities of Aloe Vera Medicine

Skin Care

Aloe products such as Aloe Aloe gel and concentrate the oil, are best known for the treatment of skin diseases. burns, psoriasis, herpes, itching, as well as abrasions, cuts, believed to be relieved by the gel of the Aloe leaf. The anti-inflammatory elements contained in high concentrations in leaves of Aloe calm altered skin.

Immunity Booster

Although research is still needed, the qualities of the plant to improve our immune system are becoming a newly discovered under Aloe. This can increase the medical value of the plant immensely as we can discover that a couple of ounces of juice Aloe daily could reduce the threat of dozens of viruses take advantage of our body.

Some people take Aloe oil, or juice, in certain quantities all days and generally no reported side effects. People with allergies to certain types may experience skin rash or itching. Pregnant women or breastfeeding are advised not to take Aloe products internally.

Choose good Aloe products

As with any herbal product, the better the Aloe purest one. Look for the extracts with additives minimum. The aloe gel, juice and the oil filler requires no artificial colors or to exert their effects therapeutic, and you really do not need no sugar, starch or starch product silica at Aloe. While producers to make money Aloe extracts can pursue their economic interest, making the production process cheaper, you can find in your pile of Aloe products of things that you do not need. In addition, High quality aloe juice and oil are produced from cold pressing.

Most Aloe Vera products on the market are very average quality, because they contain extracts of low concentration. It is advisable to look for products that are based on the concentration of 200:1, and were prepared with the spray drying method. The extract typically cost more and are harder to find, however, this is certainly a case where some additional expenditures are well justified.

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