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Hunger Blocker

August 29th, 2007 No comments

Hunger Blocker
How to lose belly fat while working out and what to eat?

I have 23 years of age, 175 pounds and 5'10 ". I started work a week ago and started taking a supplement CNG ingitor muscle to provide energy and endurance to burn more calories. My first goal is to lose the intestine, as well as to build muscle. I started a lot of cardio (treadmill) and weight lifting. And had looked at carb blockers, hunger suppressants, fat blockers, etc.. What should I take, and what should I eat? What foods should I stay away from what should eat more? What is good for snacking during the day?

hello dear follow these tips to lose belly fat – start exercising. Getting a flat stomach means losing belly fat. To this end, begin an exercise routine. If possible, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. If this is not possible, try to exercise at least 90 minutes a week – running, power walking, swimming or cycling. – Strengthen core muscles. In relation to loss Belly fat, choose workouts that exercise the core muscles. effective training include dance, pilates, abs, and knee and leg lifts. For best results, keep your abdominal muscles tightened during basic training. – Improve your diet. Poor eating habits can prevent loss of Weight efforts. Eliminate fatty foods and sugary foods from your diet. Choose lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and eat no more than 130 grams of carbohydrates a day. – Eliminate alcohol diet. Drinking more than two alcoholic drinks a day can raise levels of cortisol in the body and slow metabolism. Cortisol increases hunger and a slower metabolism makes it more difficult to burn fat and calories – especially in the abdomen. – Drink plenty of water. Clean water, excess sodium and fluids from your body, which can help you get a flat stomach. In addition, drinking water fills the stomach faster and is less likely to overeat. – Control of stress. Stress or anxiety can also release high levels of cortisol. Besides increasing the appetite, this hormone redistributes fat in the abdomen. Learn to control or reduce stress. Practice breathing exercises, exercise or have a massage. – Reduce bloating. A diet low in fiber and certain foods may cause abdominal distension. This prevents a flat stomach. Increase your fiber intake to combat swelling, and limit the trigger foods such as beans, raw vegetables, lactose and starch. Take one tablet of digestive enzymes to reduce swelling. Good Luck: o)

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