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Tea Slimming

June 12th, 2007 No comments

Tea Slimming

Healing Aspects Of Chinese Tea

The Chinese have a saying: ‘Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are the seven necessities to begin a day.’ Though tea is last on the list, we still can see the importance of tea in daily life.
Chinese tea is known to have good healing power. It not only boosts health but also allows longevity. However, we should avoid tea which has been left cool for a long time or overnight. At least three cups of Chinese tea reduces the risk of a stroke by more than a fifth, according to researchers. Chinese tea has several other advantages because it has no side effects, is inexpensive and is easily available.
Oolong tea can reduce the fat in blood. It has been known for a long time that tea can reduce the fat in human body. Or take Pu’er or white tea as an example, it would be ideal for people to maintain a slim body. Apart from the effects above, all the three teas can reduce the possibility of developing cancer. Researchers in the country along with identifying five new genes related to obesity during a five-year study have also found that polyphenols in tea, especially oolong tea, can help you lose weight.
There are several herbal teas that you can buy which claim to be weight loss teas. Stay away from those–while oolong tea or wu long teaor whatever you like to call it will never be harmful, your average weight loss tea can be. Those usually work by being strong diuretics and laxatives, so you’ll drop a lot of water weight quickly, but not only will you have to deal with problems related to dehydration, many of them can mess up your digestive system irrevocably. Cutting out fats and sweets and switching to non-soda drinks (which tea can help you do!), plus getting out for a walk every so often is a much healthier–and effective–method.

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