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Green Tea

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Green Tea

Green Tea: Good in the Green

You may have been drinking green tea your whole life, but have you ever wondered about the potential benefits program offering? Green tea can be found almost everywhere: in tea bags in all pharmacies, convenience stores, is offered at most restaurants and most recently, green tea has found its way even in the cosmetics and beauty care products like skin lotions and creams for the body. If one is to equate the proliferation of green tea products to its benefits, one can only surmise that the health enthusiasts and experts are discovering green tea more and more benefits and even more reasons to drink green tea.

Drinking green tea developed as a tradition in China. In Eastern culture, tea Green is mostly associated with a good lifestyle and healthy and, as such, it permeated much of Asia as part of the daily diet of Asia – usually before and after meals. Given that most of the world's oldest men living and women are in China and elsewhere in Asia, it is no wonder why Most people see a long life of Asia just as the harvest of one of the many health benefits of green tea.

The popularity of green tea has led to the studies conducted to scientifically determine their health benefits. These studies have shown that the many benefits of green tea cover multitude of health problems, diseases and disorders that can be prevented by green tea, or what can be remedied and alleviated drinking green tea regularly.

In general, most studies on the benefits of green tea agree that cancer is a major preventable diseases – or minimize or relieve – by drinking green tea. Besides being a health supplement that slows or prevents the development of diseases, one of the benefits of green tea is that also helps and speeds the body's metabolism. Therefore, green tea is also ideal for those who are destined to lose weight. Green tea also contains antioxidants that help burn fat and lose weight faster, especially if done with proper diet and exercise.

Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries that can eventually cause heart attacks and strokes, is also a health condition that can be prevented by drinking green tea. As one of the benefits green tea is its ability to reduce bad cholesterol, heart failure is a very difficult thing to prevent by regularly drinking two to three cups of tea green all day.

Currently, there are still many benefits of green tea were not mentioned. These mentioned are just some of the few for you to remember the next time you take your shot of good green: green tea.

About the Author

Patricia Hammond is a green tea enthusiast. Get her FREE 7-Day GREEN TEA eCourse here or visit her site at for more health tips on weight loss, sleeping disorders and others.

Drink Green Tea Every Day

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