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Foot Massage

February 1st, 2010 No comments

Foot Massage
"I can enjoy a foot massage with ticklish feet?

My friend is always the fool with me and we occaisionaly exchanging foot massages. Each Once feet touch me I laugh Cuz Im so delicate! Any suggestions?

This situation appears to be several possible causes. The first is that you is just used to having their feet handled in an impartial manner, which could be remedied by having a professional massage. After all, it is true people massage massage every day with no continuous gales of laughter emanating from their locations. Similarly, his friend, just might need some lessons to give massage to be able to do so without being tickled. There is a possibility, however, is not much you or your friend as is the situation and your friendship. Especially if that friend has tickled feet quite often in the past, might react to a massage at the friend as if waiting for a tickle and could tickle. I seem to remember reading a study, once that the subjects were told that either would be massaged or tickled you. Although all had exactly the same things you do for them (or more accurately possible), people who were told they would be Tickle tickle reported the experience much more than that it would be a massage. That can work anywhere, however. I had some friends who used to challenge to see how long they could massage my feet without it turning into a foot tickling. I never stayed a five-minute massage, and usually did not last two. It might be very difficult, I imagine, for your friend to be able to resist a golden opportunity. Understanding the extremely delicate feet a friend held one, it would be difficult to confine oneself to massage without thinking about the ease with a slight variation could contact the friend in question? the need to laugh and then an irresistible impulse to laugh, and soon hopefully a unity of soul uncontrollable hysterics, I think one might have to indeed be very professional to keep the experience as a simple massage.

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