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Blocker Combo

June 9th, 2008 No comments

Blocker Combo
How much is this? Please help! 10 points:)?

I have in good condition, 3 speed Vaughn 7500 pro leg pads size 32 +1 And the original price was $ 1,500 and a speed great condition Vaughn V3 7300 Int catching glove was originally $ 400, and a 3 speed Vaughn 7300 Int. Blocker that was originally $ 270. I am looking to sell, a combo that I need at least $ 2,700 to buy the set im looking for. What do you think should receive the As for my price matched?

Well, it all depends on the condition and how old they are, and what use is in them. Some people would like to buy a fairly new game is broken already, but still in good shape. I would say without knowing exactly what condition are at a fair price that would about half of what you paid for them. With the wear and new products out there now, if you could get half of what you paid, it would pretty good. That way you're not getting cheated, and who will buy a good used to establish a reasonable price. So I would say between 1100 and $ 1,250. Of course, you can try to sell for more and wait and see, then lower the price gradually, but I think it would be a good start.


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