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Day Supply

February 10th, 2010 No comments

Day Supply
Paper will supply a stressful day?

role will be to provide one days supply is exhausted or constant? or give their views and opinions.

in essence, the answer is maybe, but doubtful. paper supply is no different to the delivery of an object: if we use a theme with faster than its capacity for renewal, it will eventually cease to exist. Paper is probably not something we have to be concerned. technology is helping us to reduce use of paper products doing more transactions electronically (e-mail, bank statements) and is also the advancement of our recycling capabilities. The other side of this is that developing countries consume more and is difficult to know if we replace the resources we use at a rate that is ahead of our consumption. If you are concerned however, I recommend cutting the consumption of all elements that use trees as their main resource, rather than just paper. Unfortunately, Examples of specific items escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure some will come to mind as you reflect on yourself.

MLK Day of Service 2010- NOVA School Supply Packing Event

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