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Fat Monitor

January 5th, 2010 No comments

Fat Monitor
How do you kow when my heart rate is at a good pace in im fat burning?

No monitor.?? How I can know? You should know so I can keep it for 30 minutes to burn fat?

First, the "fat burning zone" is a myth. You burn fat in any workout intensity. Even a little exercise will burn calories 10 minutes (which translates to burning fat), but 30 minutes is a good workout. The talk test is a good indicator. You must be at an intensity that can still talk comfortably but not babble on and on. You should not be gasping for breath in the middle of his words. You can use a subjective scale of difficulty as well. Di 1 is a game, 10 is "if I do this anymore, I die." Try to be around 7.

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