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Fat Loss

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Fat Loss

Myths about fat loss

There are several myths that discourage a fat person and divert your mind when you're trying to reduce their fat. A fat person always think negatively about the consequences of fat-reduction program because of the myths and fear it is having on his mind that he came to know of their environment.

                                                   I'll tell you some myths and realities of losing fat and its consequences. There are several points at which a fat person think before you start your fat loss program. He thinks the how effective is this program and they can lose their excess fat without any detrimental effects on your body. Will lead a normal life after losing fat or will have to compensate her weight loss otherwise as weakness, lowered immunity, anxiety and any thing. Some of these myths are mentioned below: –

Dieting program sometimes change hurts.

This is a common myth prevails in society that if you are on a diet, can be fatal instead of giving a healthy life. But it is as true as a diet program is like a fat reduction treatment and a guide to lose fat if programmed wisely. Everything you need to consider is that your body must get all the important and necessary nourishments necessary for maintain health. If you are on a diet and care of your body by providing adequate nutrition for your body that will never hurt him. It has been observed that people in many countries remains fast for more than two days subsisting only on water, and if you are giving adequate nutrition for your body that can be on a diet for months without any damage. A person can die from many diseases associated with obesity, but not by diet. Obesity is a result of eating and unbalanced diet is a step forward to correct these flaws.

The skin becomes loose and flabby after fat reduction


This is a baseless myth that the skin becomes loose and flabby after the reduction of fat and the skin has its own ability to contract and expand. Flexibility is one of the most important qualities of the skin. Although you can see in some cases, it is a temporal process and rectifying automatically after some time. If we see some cases as, pregnancy and hydrops, we see that the skin will have formed after a period of time. None of the treatments reduced fat affects the skin in that way.

Glows in the face fades and becomes the face pale and dull.


This is again a bright ridge disappears from one side of the people after a diet program. If this is so in these cases is also a temporary problem and the face regains its shine and brilliance soon. One who is part of a diet program with an anxiety will have some side effects of weight loss should know that all these problems are temporary and disappears quickly.

The digestive system becomes weak.


He was also was heard that if you lose weight our digestive system becomes weak, and that has to change their work style and needs to adapt the structure of a new body.

This is ridiculous as saying that the system after Fat loss is healthier and improve their digestive efficiency. It is more than eating and not dieting that is responsible for digestive disorders. fat-free diet always is recommended to keep the digestive system healthy. In a stomach fat is a large amount of cholesterol and deposits extra mucus that is responsible for digestive disorders and many deadly diseases.

The loss of fat makes a person of bad character.


This myth is associated with the fact that controls carbohydrate mood of a person. This is the case that a person remains happy and behaves well if your body supplied with adequate amounts of carbohydrates. But I do not know how a person becomes fat in a bad mood after the extra fat is lost. Is carbohydrate related to fat anyway? No, it is not. A thin person is also as happy as a fat person as both have an adequate amount of carbohydrate in your body.

Actually it is the fat person is always fun and purpose of mockery. When you lose fat

He is elegant and well proportioned becomes more secure, happy and enthusiastic. A fat person is always under depression and inferiority complex that has always run for fun. Due this becomes mentally ill and that behavior results in a bad mood. Therefore, it is always a mistake to say that a person becomes fat after having a bad temper lost weight.

So never be fooled by these myths and there is no harm if a person tries to loose fat scientifically and rationally. You can only win a lot. So now begins his mission to recover the full benefit of fat loss and lead a happy life, cut to build muscle and eliminate fat from your belly fat.


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From: – Praveen rathore… (Fitness trainer and dietician)


“Obesity is a hanging sword”


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