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Extreme Circuit

February 23rd, 2010 No comments

Extreme Circuit
Do you think that a horse can be both?

Can a horse has the mental ability and athletic ability to be competent and successful at 1) western pleasure 2) Barrel Racing (or the rate at other events) Some people will gasp and say "no, no way!" but I'm not talking AQHA Congress here's largest province (or state) shows more like it. I think a horse can excel in both personal. A horse so that I know of is a 3rd D barrel racing winner of the chair, and a Hi main point western pleasure horse in more than one show. Perhaps this horse is the exception, not know. So we do know is that you can do, just not on the tip / National show circuit of the World (that I know, maybe you did). So basically what I'm wondering is do you think can be done? Why or why not? Any personal experience would be nice.

I bet a horse could be both. I mean, really. Search English in the world-we have it, and is known as Eventing. First you ride a dressage test steak in a little (unlike Full Dressage, never get to use dual brakes or something more serious than a Boucher, including Olympic level) and then galloped 15 + Cross Country natural fences at average speeds ranging between 250 m / m to 500 m / m, depending on the level. At regional shows, this is often the same day, with 3 or 5 hours just in the middle. Finally, the third day, you have a round stage, which is the best compared with Jumpers. Dressage phase: Cross Country: (It may not seem very fast, but it shows only the jumps, and have begun to slow the horses for these technical fences. Note, too, that are not easily over 25 billboards and in this case!) Venue: This is all for the 2008 Olympics, but it is important to note that the Olympics is not the highest level of competition in eventing, difficulty-wise. As So if the English horses can do, I'm sure a Western horse may also increase. However, before he could be common to have a horse that could do both, breeding horses for the West, not have to change "Horses are horses that high-level events are usually bloodlines that have been bred for movement and jumping ability. Currently, most Western horses are bred for either or "But your best bet for success would find a horse with two lines. But now in many areas the WP is to judge serious disrepair, and what they might find that such a horse of Use generally do not mix slow enough for the judges who have lost sight of the origins of WPS.

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