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Digital Kitchen

November 30th, 2008 No comments

Digital Kitchen
Do I need to pay duty or customs at indian air port?

I am a permanent resident of australia.As I am going to my home country India for two months on vaccation,I would like to buy some electronic goods like camcorder,Digital camera and some kitchen appliances.Do I need to pay any duty or customs tax at air port in India.

yes if it crosses the prescribed limit of purchases. Go to google search for the right website where you can get the customs regulations on imports and on the limits. I think up to 15-25,000 worth of goods are allowed.

But all this depends on whether you baggage is checked, if its not marked in the X-ray machine you can easily walk out. if its marked then they will check it & you will have to show them the bills & invoices of the purchases.

FYI, Camcorders are available cheaper in India why do you want to bring them from australia?

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