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Digital Body

April 8th, 2009 No comments

Digital Body
Are digital home scales to measure body fat really work?

If so, how to differentiate between body fat and tissue muscle?

Hey. I have a Takita (or anything else that sounds Japanese) at home, and measures body fat, bone, etc. The general consensus is that it is not really a good indicator of actual body fat – will tend to underestimate. I know because a friend of mine who had a power reading, and then proceeded to go to a lab which is measured scientifically, placing it in a water tank and doing all sorts of crazy calculations and derivations, and say that the huge difference in body fat% the lab came up in front of his digital scale at home was injured pride and ego a bit. I do not know the precise ways they work, but it is supposed to send electrical signals or whatever through your body, and since muscle is denser than fat, which can make general predictions about what is fat and what lean tissue is based on the response times of the signal. Or something. Thus, as a good rough guide, but certainly not necessary.

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