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Boxes Weight

November 16th, 2009 No comments

Boxes Weight
What’s the best supplement for gaining weight during boxing?

Now I’m doing lots of dips, pushups, situps, running, skipping, training, curls, and shrugs. On off boxing days I just weight lift.

What’s a really good supplement for gaining weight and muscle while doing this?Ive found a few good ones so far but I’m unsure about them:

Cytogainer, Muscletech Masstech, Muscletech Myoshock, MHP Dark Matter, and plain whey protein
The reason I want to gain weight is because I’m 14, weigh 120-130?, and lift probably as much as I can for my weight. I want to be a bigass motherfuccer like Tyson, it just depends on How. It will happen, i just want your help to make it happen either soon or over the course of years.

why would u want to gain weight in boxing … should want to go down so you will be stronger in other weight classes for example if you walk in to a gym and your 178 that’s your natural weight so as a coach i would try to get you down to 156 pounds that way you would be stronger so after the weight in’s you eat and rehydrate you will almost be at your natural weight again that way your the bigger man in the fight


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