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How To Google Adwords Part #3- A Quick Guide To “Pay Per Click Marketing”

This part #3 of the “how to Google Adwords” series. In the last 2 you should have learned the basics. Now we get to do the fun part! Here is what we are going to cover…

  • Signing up for adwords
  • Preparing Your Keywords
  • Preparing Your Adgroups
  • Writing Ads That Work

Pretty simple right? Yeah I can hear it now…”sounds to complicated, I don’t have a technical background!”  Your going to have to figure it out, and if you don’t, your never going to make any money as an entrepreneur. So Take Charge!! I will give you the general guidelines but actually implementing them is up to you.

Signing up for Google Adwords is really simple. Go to, on the right hand side click on “start now”. It’s then going to ask you which addition you would like, pick “standard” and press continue. You will then pick an email and password, if you already have a gmail account pick the option to use that account. It’s good to have all your Google services within one account. Now go ahead and sign in.

It will then ask you “how would you like to pay for this account?” Go ahead and select the currency that you use(USA would be US Dollars). It will then give you a notice that your account has been created. Now just go to your email and click on the confirmation link they sent you.

Now we have to prepare our adgroup and keywords. First thing you do is set-up your “Base Keywords” which will be what you name your Adgroups as well. So consider them your foundation. I use Google Docs to keep track of everything. Its a note and spreadsheet online service, it keeps all your records for you. You can then in-turn use any computer and have access to all your records…AWESOME!!

Use the spreadsheet feature, I would start with 5 Base Keywords and keep them very short, a good example would be “make money” or “home business”. Put them across the top of your document. Now you are going to get additional keywords that include your “base keywords” in them. Exp: “make money online fast” or “home business online opportunity”. Notice how they both have the base keywords in them? Add 5 additional keywords to you base keywords list.

Use the Google Keyword Tool or Free Wordtracker, these are the tools to help you find your long tailed keywords(Google These Tools If You Aren’t Familiar With Them). The longer the keyword the more serious the prospect. Someone looking for “home business” is less serious than someone searching for “online home based business opportunity”…Specificity Is Important!

Now lets add them to your Google Adwords Account…

You have different of ways to enter them: Broad Match, which is just the word itself. This means that when someone searches on Google you will show up for any of the words in your keyword. Its not ideal way to get high quality prospects. So for example if one of your keywords is home business, you will show up for any search that has business or home in it…Hence the name “broad match”…

The other type is phrase matched. This would be a keyword with quotes around it, “home business online” would be one. This mean that whenever someone searches for a keyword that has this exact phrase, your ad will come up. A few keywords your ad would appear with are: “best home business online” or “legitimate home business online opportunity”. Making sense?

The third type is Exact Match. This is when you put brackets around your keywords, [online home business]. Then the only time your ad will show is when people type in this exact keyword. No additional words and in just that order.

Now putting the quotes and brackets into all of your keywords can be time consuming. But not anymore, there is a tool that does it for you, just put in your words and it spits them out with brackets and quotes…Go to and play around with it. When it spits them out just copy and paste them onto a text document and name the document according to your base keyword.

Now lets create your first campaign!!

Log onto your account. Pick a country to target, I would stay with the US until you are more advanced. In your ad you are only allowed three lines, so make them count. Learn to write persuasive ad copy, go to an online bookstore and buy books on writing sales copy, you will need it for almost everything you do online.

We will use the keyword home business for our example. In your headline make sure you put your base keyword, Google will make it bold when it shows up on searches.(When Your More Advanced You Will Know Of Other Ways Then Putting The Keyword In Your Headline To Get Attention)

Your headline might read: Lucrative Home Business

Then you have the second line which is your first description, which should be a benefit of some type your offering to the person searching. “Learn To Market Online Fast” Could be considered a benefit to people looking at your add.

In your third line which is your second description you will add a feature that describes what you are advertising. In this example it could be, “Step-By-Step Instructions”… The last step is to add your URL. Make sure to make it pretty and even. You can either add the www or take it away. I like not having it. I also add my base keyword sometimes to the end of the URL so it gets more bold in my add…

Here is how our add would look like:

Lucrative Home Business

Learn To Market Online Fast

Step-By-Step Instructions

Now go ahead and add your keywords at the bottom. Just copy and paste them from your text document . Set your daily budget high enough but low enough that it won’t break you. Now bid for your clicks, bid high at the beginning so more people are clicking on your add. And in-turn Google will reward you and cut your prices or you can cut them yourself. Now just press continue to get it posted.

There is a lot more to Google Adwords but these are enough to get you started. I recommend, if you are serious about this advertising method, that you read everyday for the next week on how you can improve your skills with Adwords. I personally have spent thousands of dollars and hours figuring out this advertising method, so if you feel overwhelmed or maybe even scared its a good thing, I was too at one time. The most important thing as an entrepreneur you can do is just dive in with a positive attitude and keep learning everyday.

If you have any questions you can email me directly or post a comment down below and I will try my best to answer what I can.

About the Author

Dwayne Phelps is a Internet Marketer who retired at 25 From his job. He has shown thousands of people how to make money online fast, by leveraging the use of systems. You Can Learn More About Him Here:

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